Expert knife sharpening for food preparation professionals.

"Take advantage of Market Grinding's
Ship-In Program...still get your FREE trial..."
...and NEVER buy a knife again**

Market Grinding’s Ship-In Program provides professional knife sharpening for your business.
Place your order in one of three ways:

Just give us a call. Please print and fill out the attached PDF order form before you call so you have all the information at hand we'll need to complete your order.

2. Email.
Fill out and submit email form Please print and fill out the attached PDF order form so you have necessary information at hand when we contact you

3. Mail or ship knives.
When we receive your knives, we'll call you. Please print and fill out the attached PDF order form and include it with your knife order. We'll sharpen your knives and have them on the way back to you within 2 days.

Market Grinding's service works like a rental program.

On receipt of your order or setting up a schedule, Market Grinding will ship a complete set of replacement knives for use while your knives are sharpened. When the replacement set arrives, simply remove them from the Knife Kart container, insert your knives in the box and ship back to us. Subsequent orders can be executed on a completely automated basis on the sharpening schedule you select. And, with the Market Grinding Ship-In program, your initial order still qualifies for the FREE Trial program. Your credit card will not be charged for the initial order*.

If you have sufficient knives on hand to use while your order is being sharpened, you can fill out the Ship-In Order Form and ship your order to us along with check or credit card information as described above. If it is your first order, please check the appropriate box on the order form to get your FREE trial. FREE trial is limited to initial commercial orders up to 10 knives.

The FREE Trial offer is for commercial customers only as Market Grinding’s Sharpening Program is designed for applications where knives are in constant use. Normal sharpening schedule intervals are weekly, every other week, or once a month. Market Grinding's program is based on timely shipments on your part and ours. We will always ship on a timely basis to keep your business operating smoothly.

Try our knife sharpening program absolutely FREE. Call us at 508-824-0404, or email us (Click here) today. We’ll contact you and your free trial will start on our next trip past your door.

CALL TODAY • 508-824-0404 • 1-800-574-2771

* When you receive Market Grinding's knife shipment, it is important that you ship the set in your possession back to us promptly. If we do not receive your return shipment within 15 days, your credit card will be charged at the rate of $20.00 per knife shipped to you.

** FREE trial offer available to new commercial customers only. Offer only available in the Continental United States.

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