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“Give us a call, or email us today, and we’ll be by to get you
started on your free trial. We have routes all over Southeastern Massachusetts, so we’re probably going by your door on a regular basis. We’ll take your knives for sharpening and loan you a razor sharp set to test drive while yours are being sharpened. The next week we’ll drop off your newly sharpened knives. We’re making this free knife sharpening trial offer because we’re convinced that once you try the program you will want to continue."

Food prep people know that working with dull knives is an accident waiting to happen. The need to exert undue force and the danger of slipping can lead to a serious injury and lost time from the job. Dull knives have also been identified as a major factor in repetitive stress injury problems to hands, wrists and arms – another contributor to lost time and reduced production in your business.

We realize you know most of this, but with all the things you have to remember every day, calling for service for your knives is just one more detail you don’t need complicating your life. By utilizing Market Grinding’s knife sharpening service, you’ll never need to remember to call again.

With Market Grinding’s service, you’ll never, ever, have to buy knives for your kitchen again. If a knife is broken, or lost, (within reason) we’ll just replace it when the next knife sharpening order arrives. We’ll also
provide you a FREE knife block and sharpening steel when you sign up, yours to keep if you continue
the service.

The cost for Market Grinding’s knife sharpening service is minimal. The benefits include helping
food preparation personnel work faster, produce more, expend less effort and avoid stress
injuries – all facts leading to happy staff and management.

Try out our knife sharpening program absolutely FREE.
Your free trial will start on our next trip past your door.

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